How Do You Pronounce “.gif?”

In media works, you'll come across dozens of different file formats, even some you've never heard of. But have you ever though of how to pronounce them?  Is it "ah-vee" or "a-v-i?" Is it "mauve," ",move" or "m-o-v?" Even the color "mauve" has at least two pronunciations. But here's the big one, sparked by today's … Continue reading How Do You Pronounce “.gif?”

Long Time, No Post!

Yeah, I've been busy with little to talk about just the same. The Olympics have wrapped up, and I decided to correct the mistake I made in high school--I'm going to join a local track club. When? Not really sure, but soon. I still don't have much to say, but I have many new songs and … Continue reading Long Time, No Post!