Dream Log: 4-6-14 — Get Out of Dodge

I’m late as hell in writing this since the dream happened, like, days ago. Either way, it was still worth sharing. The dream happened Sunday morning, and it was the second of my two most recent ‘driving’ dreams. I understood both, but this current one packed the most punch—literally. It was late at night, and … Continue reading Dream Log: 4-6-14 — Get Out of Dodge

Fashion Dilemma

So I’m in some sort of transition in my life, ranging from my mental health, to career opportunities and of course, fashion. Among those who know me best, I’m famous for my love of skinny jeans. I wear them religiously because out of the entire spectrum of cuts, skinnies (pants with a leg opening no … Continue reading Fashion Dilemma

“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Steffy’s Back (And Her Minions, Too)

The 'minions' comment is simply tongue in cheek. Carry on. You know what makes my ass hurt? Politics, viral videos, today's music, cephalopods (Google it) and the endless debate of Steffy vs. Hope on Bold and the Beautiful. I won't even lie--I didn't know Steffy was coming back today. But like clockwork, the conversation quickly … Continue reading “The Bold and the Beautiful” — Steffy’s Back (And Her Minions, Too)

‘GRAVITY’ — All in The Day’s Work

Right on time with my seventh Shuttle launch, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity opened in theaters. Any true spaceflight and astronomy aficionado like me would normally have a huge beef with Hollywood-tainted space flicks—the launch sequence in Armageddon would have one of us ready to take a Louisville Slugger to the screen. But just as projected, Gravity … Continue reading ‘GRAVITY’ — All in The Day’s Work