Generation F — “F” for “F**ked”

I guess I'll make that my new official name for this current generation that's quickly controlling the world, i.e. today's reckless, irresponsible, impressionable, sex-crazed teens and young adults. If you're into astrology like me, I'm talking about my own Pluto in Scorpio generation, and the following Pluto in Sagittarius generation--Generations Y and Z respectively. These are … Continue reading Generation F — “F” for “F**ked”

Hello, World!

I guess this is my first official blog post on! This website and blog is a work in progress (story of my life!) and I really hope that I can build up some kind of base. I plan to use this to elaborate on my projects as well as an outlet to vent, but to also … Continue reading Hello, World!