‘GRAVITY’ — All in The Day’s Work

Right on time with my seventh Shuttle launch, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity opened in theaters. Any true spaceflight and astronomy aficionado like me would normally have a huge beef with Hollywood-tainted space flicks—the launch sequence in Armageddon would have one of us ready to take a Louisville Slugger to the screen. But just as projected, Gravity … Continue reading ‘GRAVITY’ — All in The Day’s Work

Javan Does Baton Rouge — Quarters

I finally went to Quawtaz! That’s how us NOLA natives say “Quarters.” This is the third installment of my “Javan Does Baton Rouge” series, and in this one, I’m taking you to Baton Rouge’s very own, Quarters. Many cities in America have similar entertainment complexes like this, including the national chain Dave & Buster's. I’ve … Continue reading Javan Does Baton Rouge — Quarters

Javan Does Baton Rouge — Highland Road Park Observatory/International Astronomy Day

April 20th was scheduled to be a big day for me. It was to mark the third launch of my Space Shuttle series (full website here), and it was also to mark the beginning of my Summer tour of Baton Rouge. I can now say that it held true. While I was out, I thought … Continue reading Javan Does Baton Rouge — Highland Road Park Observatory/International Astronomy Day

“The Bold and the Beautiful” — bqhatevwr

"Bqhatevwr." That's become an internet meme ever since former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown posted this drunken tweet. It's also how I'll describe my day thus far as well as today's episode of Bold and the Beautiful, both as a positive and regative connotation respectively. As I tweeted earlier, today's show consisted of five Muppet Babies … Continue reading “The Bold and the Beautiful” — bqhatevwr

Generation F — “F” for “F**ked”

I guess I'll make that my new official name for this current generation that's quickly controlling the world, i.e. today's reckless, irresponsible, impressionable, sex-crazed teens and young adults. If you're into astrology like me, I'm talking about my own Pluto in Scorpio generation, and the following Pluto in Sagittarius generation--Generations Y and Z respectively. These are … Continue reading Generation F — “F” for “F**ked”

Dream Log: June 5, 2012 and DL: 6-3-12 Follow-Up

Originally typed yesterday, but postponed due to power outage. *GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS BELOW** Wet Trunks--I can't remember much of this dream from yesterday, but I vividly remember being in bed, sharing an intimate moment with a close friend of mine. Yes, it was a sexual dream that many people have, but certain key details stood out. … Continue reading Dream Log: June 5, 2012 and DL: 6-3-12 Follow-Up