What Is God’s Will?

It’s 12:06am, and Caitlyn Jenner’s ABC interview is playing on Bravo. Part of her struggle, in decades of transitioning, was her religious beliefs as a devout Christian. With that said, we immediately think to the wrath of Early God in the Old Testament versus the peace, love and light of Present God in the New … Continue reading What Is God’s Will?

Dream Log: 6-18-14 — Baby Turtle

6-18-14 7.24am   I said I wasn’t going to write about this one, but a grown man can change his mind. In last night’s dream, Dr. Jackie Walters from Married to Medicine paid our house a visit. In real life, she’s a busy OB/GYN who wanted a child, and at one point was given a … Continue reading Dream Log: 6-18-14 — Baby Turtle