This Is Houston

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I initially launched This Is Houston as a blog series shortly after moving to the Space City, with the intent of turning it into a periodical web series due to launch in 2019. But upon seeing work with Sonny Chohan’s Houston Live TV Network (HLTV), my dream came to fruition much sooner. Similar to MyScene TV, This Is Houston follows my journey across the nation’s 3rd largest city and 5th largest metropolitan area, exploring the people, food and art that make of the city’s fabric.

I got in contact with HLTV while networking upon leaving Baton Rouge. During my initial conversation with Sonny Chohan,  he told me of a big project he wanted to launch, which just so happened to fall in line of what I already had planned for my time in Houston. Thus, the web series was officially born:

This Is Houston Trailer, 2018

I shot the trailer over the course of two weeks, featuring long sought-after Houston landmarks, as well as my even more sought-after Toyota RAV4, highlighting the show’s premise as a weekly news feature less about the local institutions, but more about the unsung treasures. Full episodes are available in the playlist below.

SEE this and more AT the Houston Live TV YouTube Page.