This Is Houston

‘This Is Houston’ Sizzle Reel


I initially launched This Is Houston as a blog series shortly after moving to the Bayou City, with the intent of turning it into a periodical web series due to launch in 2019. But a brief stint with the Houston Live TV Network allowed my dream came to fruition much sooner. Similar to MyScene TV, This Is Houston followed my journey across the nation’s fourth largest city and ninth largest metropolitan area, exploring the people, food and art that make up the city’s fabric.


‘This Is Houston’ Trailer

I shot the trailer over the course of two weeks, featuring long sought-after Houston landmarks, as well as my even more sought-after Toyota RAV4, highlighting the show’s premise as a weekly news feature less about the local institutions, but more about the unsung treasures.

Ep. 101 – Wing-A-Rama Houston

In the series premiere, I spoke to Scott Shepard, founder of the Austin-based festival, as nearly twenty of the area’s best vendors offered their hot, crunchy and savory wings to hundreds of hungry Houstonians downtown.

Ep. 102 – Thistle Draftshop

Owner Mary Thorn and executive chef Ernesto Villarreal brought the vibe of the downtown to Spring, with 60 local craft beers on tap and an impressive menu including some of the finest tacos, burgers and steak.

Ep. 103 – Edgar Medina

A local icon in his own right, I got an up-close look into the artistic world of Edgar Medina in Montrose, learning some of what makes Houston a magnet for creatives.

Ep. 104 – Buck’s Barbecue Co.

Now located in Galveston, I sought AUTHENTIC Texas meats at Buck’s Barbecue with pit master and Army veteran Jim Buchanan.

Ep. 105 – Ògùn Art + Wine

Laolu Davies-Yemitan exposed me to Nigerian art, while teaching me the specifics of cheese and wine pairings at the upscale Ògùn Art + Wine in Memorial Heights.

Ep. 106 – The Game Preserve

Errands around Spring and the Woodlands led me to a true arcade experience for the first time in more than a decade, as Rusty Key hosts the LARGEST collection of vintage games in the Houston area.

This episode garnered more than 2,000 views and over 60 likes on Facebook in its first 48 hours.

Ep. 107 – Detroit the Barber

His work has been seen across the Houston media, and I spoke one-on-one my barber–now in Tomball–who has changed the game in local hair care through his custom hair units, while being ranked as one of the best stylists in the area.

Ep. 108 – Three Brothers Bakery

Bobby Jucker is an award-winning baker whose work has been seen and tasted across the country, and I spoke with him at his Braeswood location to learn more about his family legacy, as well as the king cakes that have everyone talking.

Ep. 109 – John Ross Palmer

John Ross Palmer is a world-renowned, award-winning artist with his own gallery in the Heights, using his vast range and experience to mentor young artists in the community.

Ep. 110 – Legacy Lapels

A men’s empowerment company disguised as a custom suit company–that’s the idea behind Legacy Lapels downtown, as told by owner Ramon Smothers.

Ep. 111 – Jesse Kantu

Jesse Kantu is a master of the arts, serving as a role model for other painters in the Space City. I sat down with him at his Westchase home to learn more about his experience, as well as his custom art company, Pyramid Art Services.

Ep. 112 – Warris Mahmud

The work of Warris Mahmud has been seen around the world for nearly three decades, and I spoke with the Pakistani-born calligraphy artist in Ashford Village to learn how his Koran-inspired paintings made their way from Houston to global embassies in the season finale.




Imperial Garden Chinese Cuisine

“I love Chinese food, specifically Shrimp Fried Rice. It’s even been my election night tradition for the past fourteen years, usually with fried chicken wings and/or boneless spare ribs. Before moving to Houston, I was a regular at Gold Bowl, sort of a hole-in-the-wall in Baton Rouge on the corner of Airline Hwy. and Lobdell Blvd. known for their yellow rice and massive shrimp. But with life comes moving, and with moving comes the task of rummaging through your new city for some of your favorite gastronomy.” Read more.

Buzzles Shaved Ice

“It’s 95 degrees in the shade, I’ve just gotten a fresh haircut and this Louisiana boy needs a snowball. They’re a summertime staple in my hometown of New Orleans, but are they a thing here in Houston? If so, where can I find one? I looked no further than Buzzles Shaved Ice in Spring. I traverse Louetta Rd. every Saturday for my weekly visits to Detroit the Barber. But a few weeks ago, I noticed a red barn on my way back home, in a parking lot next to Quick Quack Car Wash. It did cross my mind, some time ago, as to whether or not there were any good snowball stands in my new home of Spring, so this was the perfect opportunity to experiment; I ducked out of traffic and into the Buzzles queue.” Read more.