I began making videos in 2001 when I got my first camcorder for Christmas. Back in then, I spent my Summers taping my own episodes of my favorite game shows in my Papie’s living room. As I grew older and more exposed to the internet, I began taping video blogs, hosting a YouTube series called JJH Vlog from January to October 2009. The show was filmed with my camcorder, later with my digital camera, and it was edited in Sony Vegas 7. I was your typical penniless twenty year-old, using my basic knowledge of three point lighting and chromakeying to put on a pretty good show. But I grew bored and pulled the plug on it all, deleting my seventy-some odd videos.

As time passed, I learned more about film techniques, using improved but still limited resources to revive my video blog series under the Javan H. banner. This was in 2011 into 2012. The reception was much better as I was less…immature and vulgar as a host. The lighting was decent, the video quality was as best as I could get it (a Flip camera, then a digital camcorder) and I began working with many other video bloggers. But 2012 was a rather busy year for me, and time didn’t allow for me to focus on the videos as much as I had hoped; I ended up pulling the plug once again.

I returned to video after shadowing a local producer in early 2014. Now armed with a Canon DSLR camera and a Tascam recorder, I became the official/unofficial videographer for my campus, filming for the school talk show BRCC Today.

BRCC Today HVAC Promo, 2014

This led to other videos, ranging from scenery around the house, to public events here in Baton Rouge.

BREC Cafe’ Ribbon Cutting, 2014

Canon Rebel T3i Test 2, 2014

Canon Rebel T3i Test 1, 2014

Below is an upload from the revival video blog series.

#6 – I Know My Worth (and My Work), 2012

I taped in my bedroom with the TV on an auxiliary channel (blue screen). I also made use of a clamp light and desk lamp for lighting. Old-school! Anyways..there were many more videos uploaded from this run of the video blog series. But as time passed, I grew less proud of those too and removed them.

For both series, I got as creative as possible with the editing, mostly for comedic purposes. I would add sound effects, I would sometimes bleep out cuss words and for the latter series, I would also use video stills as on-screen memes.

Fast forward to 2014–I began shadowing the producer mentioned above. He gave me all the info necessary to get where I wanted, needed and deserved to be, and in working with him, I realized how much power I actually have. He’s said repeatedly in those few weeks that he’s created a monster; best believe, he has. What started as a handful of modest video blogs would eventually turn into a slew of broadcasts, lauded by locals and professionals alike.

See for yourself in the Credits page.


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